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Reopening Journal!

So I've decided to take this opportunity to reopen my journal. I haven't posted during residency-- not enough time, and the inside of my head hasn't been a very pleasant place. But, tomorrow, I start a new job. I'm really looking forward to it, and also terrified. I'll be working at a rural primary care clinic, four days a week.

Over the last few years, I've grown as a person and a priestess, and my family has grown too. Kestrel is just over a year old. Watching her grow has been amazing, and had brought new dimensions to my partnership with Samantha. Over the next months, I'll be working to integrate my spiritual life into my new job, and developing sustainable ways to teach my daughter about my religion.

I plan to use this journal to reflect on my personal and professional life, and to post snippits about my spiritual practice. I'll keep away from specifics about the job, to avoid the possibility of a privacy violation.

The main journal is over at Dreamwidth, but everything will be cross-posted to LJ. I'm also going to try and catch up and keep up with my other LJ friends! I've been too out of touch.

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Congrats! Welcome back to the world at large.